Kids Painting


Learning to grow in the best environment



This room offers a wonderful black and white area, a sensory area, a play gym and plenty of space for our youngest children to explore and develop. Victoria’s Nursery recognises that at this early stage of a child’s development they spend most of their time on or near the floor. Therefore, equipment displays and toys are placed at such a level so to satisfy their curious minds. Attachment is very important for the under 2’s, so your child’s key person will be on hand to provide plenty of cuddles and reassurance. Staff will work closely with you to ensure a suitable eating, sleeping and drinking routine is in place. Daily activities for babies might include: messy play, music time, heuristic and sensory play, and short walks outside. Staff working in this room have specialist baby knowledge and experience.



Welcome to our tweenie room, we have designed this to be bright and fun with all your little one needs to get ready for life in our big room. With its very own snug corner, with lots of books at their level, a sensory light table, home corner and a designated messy area with sand and water play and plenty of arts and crafts accessible at all times.


This large space is much more geared up for adventure and social interaction. The room is divided into a construction area, small worlds area, home corner area, reading/ quiet area, and a large separate room which is perfect for all messy play from water play, play-dough, painting and arts and crafts. Children have free flow access to their own toilets and amazing garden space. They are the proud owners of a pet rabbit which encourages the children to understand about caring for nature. Throughout the day children are separated into age appropriate play and learning activities, for example the toddlers might do lots of work in our light exploration corner while the older children concentrate on skills and learning to become school ready and develop greater independence.



Whether its to paint, colour, stick, cut, play in sand building the biggest castle or have a water adventure. This is the room whether the preschoolers can do it all and more!!


Here at Victoria's we believe in the importance of sensory exploration and because of this each of our rooms have sensory areas, which include light tables, bubble tubes, interactive wall panels etc. In addition to that we are proud to have our very own state of the art full sensory room. This is used on a daily basis to help all our children to grow and learn about themselves.